04/25/14; 04:18:09 AM

I know I am going to regret this, but I need to do it!

I have had a vanilla Google account since about 2004, attached to an @gmail.com email address.

For the last few years I have also had a Google account attached to my @kindofdigital.com domain which runs through what used to be called (still is?) Google Apps.

A major flaw in Google's approach to identity, I think, is the way everything is connected to a specific email address. You and your email address are pretty much inseparable.

Anyway, I want to stop paying for Google Apps, which will mean no longer having access to my @kindofdigital.com Google account! I need therefore to transfer as much stuff as I can to my vanilla Gmail Google account.

Email is easy enough - I can just POP everything across and when the time comes, create a mail forwarder to catch all my kindofdigital.com mail in Gmail.

I found some instructions to combine two Google+ accounts - I will approach this nervously!

Google Docs will all have to be shared with the vanilla account as owners - hopefully I can do this in bulk.

Google Analytics will need to be shared as admins one by one.

I think I will lose all my Google Play purchases - mostly Android apps I think.

Anyone got any experience of this process? Any tips?

04/20/14; 03:54:02 AM

As always, we had fun. Can't guarantee you will though.

Listen here.

03/24/14; 05:48:24 PM

Some kerfuffle on Twitter about #localgovcamp charging people not in the public or voluntary sectors for tickets.

I used to run #localgovcamp, but I stopped. Everyone seemed to get a lot out of it except me.

Now other people are doing it, they are doing it their way. They stepped up to take it over. Others didn't. Those that did can do it their way. I can't tell them what to do - I gave up that right when I gave up organising it myself.

My personal view is that any unconference that I run would be free to attendees. I would worry that charging some people and not others would change the dynamic, introduce some kind of hierarchy. Of course, it might not.

It does immediately seem to create an us and them scenario though. Lloyd makes this point quite strongly. That's a bad impression to give.

I'd also worry that just because someone is a freelancer, it doesn't mean they are rolling in money. In fact, I'd wager that the best paid people at #localgovcamp are probably among the public servants who attend.

Finally, I run my own company. I'm a consultant. But part of my consultancy is with a non-profit. I'm also a charity trustee. I'm also a local councillor. So maybe I could get a free ticket on that basis. Maybe pretty much everybody could. Do school governors get free tickets? Lay preachers? Complexity, complexity.

However, it's worth pointing out that under my stewardship, #localgovcamp never broke even. I always had to pay for something. The lack of suitable free venues outside London means it's a tricky one to pull off.

My approach to this probably would have been to make 'micro-sponsorship' tickets available. If you want to pay, then do so, no matter what sector you are from.

But, I'm not running #localgovcamp, so it's irrelevant. I guess if people don't like the current arrangements for this year's event, then they can always organise their own. Nobody owns this thing.

I'm sad that there is this tension though. I hope it gets resolved.

03/22/14; 12:47:07 PM

Today at #barcampnfp I got to spend some time with Lloyd.

We spoke a lot about outlining, blogging, and of course Fargo. Lloyd has spent more time with Fargo than me - I have much to learn from him!

  • I'm indenting this paragraph just to see what happens really.

  • Aha! bullets

Back to the previous level again.

OK, so a use for this blog - documenting a bit about what I am doing, and what I am thinking.

I have some housekeeping to do:

  • Get rid of disqus comments - looks v ugly

  • Sort out design of the site - Lloyd's looks nicer.

    • How did he do that?
  • Add menus and that kind of thing

Enough for now I think.

03/20/14; 03:45:18 PM

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